4 thoughts on “2013 CUSCC Auto Show

  1. Hi all. I have trouble occurred – blown speaker in column ( a table ). Now choose a replacement. But … Accommodation for the not enough. One of the speakers will be under the TV. And here comes the problem – the screen is 70 cm from the floor, and the column 93. So , the TV will have to pick up. The question is – Do not be a high 93- 97cm from the floor ? Now it is very comfortable (the eyes are obtained at the center of the screen).

  2. Satellite ” Yamal -402 ” did not come into orbit _ttp://www.interfax.ru/news.asp?id=280005.
    I think that our leaders need to do everything as easy as possible and logical – to shove somebody all the black gold and gas refineries explode , send workers to work abroad , and by the move to full strength in England.

  3. Good afternoon, there was an idea to stick to your MacBook 13 “al in 2010 .
    Incredibly so slow system . They say if you put a SSD – will all work much faster.
    I can not understand how there need an adapter to put your hard drive in it, and SSD instead of a hard disk. Will the OS or smarter than this old man is not going to help anything ?

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