Colorado Unlimited Sport Car club (CUSCC) is an organization run by ordinary people who take the extra effort to make life better for car lovers in the state of Colorado. Membership is free but we love donations! We are taking a whole bunch of people who love the same thing, anything that has wheels and an engine, and bringing them together. This provides us with a centralized form of organizing events, track days, trips, car shows and meetings. We always try to do our best to get together at least once every other week. We catch up on each other’s projects, and then do some driving or modifying. All said and done, CUSCC is a great club for everyone because it makes for a great environment where you can share stories, get help with your project, and learn from the best. Feel free to check out the media section, forum, or events to see what we are up to.

***Please note /// CUSCC is not a part of,
controlled by, or acting on behalf of the
University of Colorado at Boulder, or the state of Colorado